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Money Saving Insulation

Insulating your walls is an effective, and simple, way to reduce your energy bills.

Wall and loft insulation can reduce your heating billsWall and loft insulation can reduce your heating bills so much that any costs could be recovered. We are focused on bringing down cost of heating homes and helping to combat loss of heat in older homes.

Most of our work focuses on solid wall insulation but we can help with lofts too.

Cold External Walls​​
One of the most common problems with older homes and or cold external walls is heat loss which more often than not can lead to increased energy bills and this can also affect the Energy Efficiency Rating of your property.

We often recommend tackling the external walls internally using high performing densely insulated plasterboard sheeting adhered to the effected walls and on occasions ceilings whilst offering the usually needed plastering and we can also offer all the associated works involved which could conveniently save you dealing with sometimes many contractors.

This could combine as part of a renovation or indeed a minor refresh to a room that may need improvement or even help with an individual cold wall that suffering with condensation.

Loft Insulation
Loft insulation is also a very common heat loss and we would be happy to install as needed again possibly helping with those ever increasing heating costs .

Sound Insulation
Annoying and unwanted Sound can be an issue either between rooms within your own property and or other properties adjoined or indeed close by , we can suggest in most cases methods to help deal with this.


“Waterman Building & Preservation Ltd have worked with CCR Tompkins for 15 years. They have covered all of our plastering requirements over this time.
We are always impressed with the quality of finish and professionalism they provide on both domestic and commercial projects.”
Darren Waterman


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